Podcast resources

Here is a list of my favourite podcasts that I listen to. At the bottom of the list I have included some of the podcast series that I have contributed to.

I listen to these podcasts on my Apple devices. To go directly to the Apple Podcast, click on the icon. All other devices – click on the link to find the podcast homepage.

Podcasts that I regularly listen to

The Knowledge Project with Shane Parish: Selected as “Best of” Apple Podcasts in 2019, The Knowledge Project uncovers timeless insights that lead to results. Listen and learn as host Shane Parrish takes you on a journey to think better and live better.

Shawn: The Knowledge Podcast is my kind of geek content. It is deep, and I enjoy following the journey that the host Shane Parish takes me on. This is my favourite podcast to listen to while flying or working around the house.

The HBR Ideacast: A weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management.

Shawn: I listen to the The HBR Idea Cast while exercising. The shows are all under 30 minutes long.

Insight to Action by Dawna Jones: As complexity pushes for greater participation and agility workplace design and leadership skills are being re-examined to gain greater contribution from employees and all eyes, ears on deck. Learn about diversity, great workplace cultures, higher levels of leadership. Gain insight into accelerating performance and discover more companies implementing made to fit self-management. You can subscribe directly here. This program is also available on Spotify.

Shawn: Dawna Jones is an authority on shaping workplaces. She interviews amazing guests from around the world.

On the edge: On The Edge is a podcast all about making unexpected connections. It features conversations with people who are living and working on the boundaries of organisations and places, and who see the world a little differently. Hosted by compulsive connector Roland Harwood from Liminal.

Shawn: This is a new podcast for me. I subscribed in April 2020

Past series in my archive that I treasure

Tim Harford: Cautionary Tales: true stories of catastrophe and fiasco, sparkling with top acting talent, with the aim of making you wiser with every word. (8 episodes 2019-2020).

Shawn: Tim Harford is one of my favourite authors. In this podcast, he expands on many of the stories that he include in his books. This series is brilliantly narrated and produced.

Evolutionary Provocateur by Dawna Jones: The Evolutionary Provocateur podcast is for managers, leaders at every level who realize that change for the better is driven by vision, a strong sense of inspired purpose and a different way of thinking. Guests include Steven Kotler, Simon Sinek, Doug Kirkpatrick, Rod Collins, Steve Denning, Jos de Blok, and a host of other perspectives each offering tools and doorways to business achieving life-enhancing results. Restorative and regenerative business.

Shawn: This is an older series by Dawna Jones that was about evolution and complexity thinking. There are many gems in these archives, like an interview with Prof. Gary Klein.

The Human Current: This show explored complexity from many different angles. They interviewed many gurus that I follow. (126 Episodes 2015-2019).

Shawn: When this series ended I felt like weeping.

Podcasts I have contributed to

The Systemic Insight podcast: Shawn Cunningham and Marcus Jenal talk to interesting people about topics that are relevant to economic development and complexity. We enjoy these conversations very much as they always lead to great learning for ourselves as well.

Shawn: This podcast is from the perspective of the other hat that I wear, that of a development practitioner and advisor in the domain of economic development.

The LEDCast (2007 – 2012): This podcast series I recorded with my late business partner and friend Dr Jorg Meyer-Stamer. The episodes were mainly about local economic development. We recorded and published more than 72 episodes in a time when podcasting was only emerging.

Shawn: This is a series that I feel sentimental about. The sound quality is not great, and the technology used was quite primitive by current standards. The topic was about local economic development and finding ways to mobilise business people and local government officials to work together.