Coaching approach

The following frameworks are central to our innovation coaching approach.


With regards to innovation, I have selected and tested several instruments that help organisations reflect on, assess and improve their innovative culture, processes and impact. These instruments can be used to work with a leader or a team. All of the instruments can be used to assess past or current performance, and to shape and improve future performance. Knowledge, technology and innovation all interact within a culture. Leadership must intentionally think through their internal organisation, priorities, messages while also considering the external sociopath technical and competitive environments.

The instruments I have chosen can all be used to reflect on strategy, change, evolution, knowledge management, technology and innovation management.

The Instigating Innovation framework that I have developed is briefly outlined on the blog page of this site. Below is a diagram that outlines the approach.


I am certified to use the Analytic-Network Coaching approach developed by Prof. Simon Western. It is a coaching system that helps clients to develop their personal, authentic leadership approach and strategically influence the networks in which they work, to create positive transformational change. It is process approach where the coach supports the client to work systematically through five “frames” to help them to discussion deep personal insights, identify and strive for desired change, develop connectedness and understand how to delivery individual and organisational transformation.

The five frames are:

1. Depth Analysis: Coaching the inner-self

Coaching for personal insight, authenticity, joy, meaning, spirituality, clarifying values, purpose and desire.

2. Relational Analysis: Coaching the relational-self

Exploring how we relate to others, and how others relate to us, finding patterns, addressing challenges and managing emotions attached to relationships, to improve teamwork, leadership and living well.

3. Leadership Analysis: Coaching the leader-within

Coaching the client to fulfil their unique leadership potential. Developing new understandings of 21st-century leadership and how to distribute leadership throughout organizations.

4. Network Analysis: Coaching the networked-self

Locating the client in their networks to ground them, and develop a ‘networked mindset’. Coaching to influence nodal change-points, harnessing the power of the network to grasp emergent opportunities.

5. Strategic Analysis: Coaching the strategic mindset

We coach clients to develop strategic agility and deliver strategic personal, team and organizational plans after reviewing the other four frames. Developing strategic thinking, to work with emergence and innovation is a core task of today’s leaders.

Each frame in the A-N Coaching System™ is vitally important in its own right. However, the five-frames together create a very powerful, holistic coaching system that has a profound impact on clients. Having used the coaching system to address current challenges, clients internalize the framework, which they draw on as a map to guide future decision-making and actions. This Coaching System is designed to achieve short-term goals whilst also delivering long-term benefits by changing the way leaders think and work.

The 5 frames are integrated

Process approach

We see coaching, innovation and change as an iterative process. We draw on the consulting and process methods of Donald Schein, Edgar Schein and others. In Mesopartner, we have also developed many process consulting and facilitation instruments over the years. Central to our approach is dialogue and joint sense-making. It is not enough that plans and systems improve, but that the quality of conversation and the narratives in the organisation must also change.

The process methodology that we use is described on the website.