I am a partner in an international development consultancy, Mesopartner. My profile on the Mesopartner site is here.

The Mesopartner team in Berlin, July 2017

I have been practicing as researcher and advisor in innovation for more than ten years. Initially my focus was mainly on assisting industries and regions to assess and improve their innovation systems. Over time my attention shifted towards the institutions supporting industries and leading enterprises. You can follow my blog where I think out loud here.

I have worked on the promotion of innovation and innovation systems in South Africa, India, Bosnia, Germany and other countries. In these processes I have assisted leaders from both public and private organisations to improve their innovation, strategies and helped to develop their organisations. As an international development consultant I have worked on internal process improvement, network improvement and capacity building. I have experience in working with international organisations, but also with working with local organisations.

My academic qualifications are in business management (PhD, MBA), while my research praxis is focused on the application of complexity and systems thinking to innovation, leadership, change management and economic development. My collaborative work with Marcus Jenal on complexity thinking and evolutionary thinking can be found here.

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