When leaders attempt to improve the levels of innovation in their organisations, they undertake a change process that is iterative and that affects many different elements of their organisation. The strategy, the culture and the operations must change.

We have three offers to assist leaders with this transformation.

Individual leader coaching: Here we focus on helping a leader think through their organisational strategy, their innovation strategy, their portfolio of improvement projects and how their organisation nurture knowledge accumulation.

Team coaching: Here we focus more on improving dialogue between different functions, different expertise and different areas in the organisation. Team coaching focuses on joint sense making and improving the way the organisation searches for and discovers options to improve its adaptiveness and resilience.

Inter organisation coaching: Here we focus on helping different organisations to collectively search for and discover their innovation potential. More attention is paid to joint search and discovery, unlocking synergy and overcoming shared constraints. We draw on our experience of strengthening innovation systems and building knowledge dissemination networks.

These three offers all draw on our experience of working with organisational change, promoting innovation, strategic competitiveness and resilient innovation systems.

Individual coaching
Team or inter organisation coaching


Leveraging the novel capabilities of newly acquired technologies

The measures applied to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic have certainly forced many organisations, teams and individuals to use digital technologies in new ways. However, I doubt whether the new ways of using technologies have transformed the way organisations work, or the way that work is organised. Let me explain. The term “technology” is a …

Now is the time to think about what is next after what is next

Updated and improved on 18 April 2020, Originally published, March 19 2020 I have found the past month a bit surreal, to say the least. When I travelled through an international airport at the end of January I saw paramedics treating a person who had collapsed. The paramedics were not wearing masks and gloves, while a …

How to use remote team collaboration

This is a grammar edited and improved version of an earlier post. I am supporting teams that are using Slack, MS Teams or other remote collaboration applications. Some of my clients also use Viber or WhatsApp. In our company, Mesopartner, we’ve been using Slack for a few years. It’s not my purpose here to review …