All coaching sessions are payable upfront.

South African clients are charged in Rand, while international clients are charged in US Dollars.

Individual leader coaching requires at least ten hourly sessions at R2,750 (US $ 275) per session. These sessions can either by physical or via Skype. If the full contract is paid up front then a 10% discount is applicable. If you are not satisfied you get your full amount back.

Team Coaching requires at least three four hour sessions valued at R33,000 (US $ 3,300) in total. At least the first sessions should be face-to-face. Again, if the full contract is paid up front then a 10% discount is applicable. Travel costs are for the clients account.

Inter organisation coaching requires a budget of at least R300,000 (US $ 30,000). All travel expenses including business class travel and other costs are for the contracting organisations account.

My hourly rates are R2,750 or US $ 275 per hour.

I am keen to discuss your innovation coaching requirements. You can reach me via the connect page on this website to get in touch and to schedule a first session.

These three offers all draw on our experience of working with organisational change, promoting innovation, strategic competitiveness and resilient innovation systems.

Individual coaching
Team or inter organisation coaching

Endorsements received via LinkedIn


Daniel Paulus gave the following endorsement:

“Shawn’s remarkably wide experiencial knowledge in multiple disciplines and industries
is an indispensable assest to any SME that is serious about innovation and growth!
His extensive knowledge framework has assisted me in developing understanding, and in understanding, the instruments neccesary to facilitate innovation & growth in a very challenging economic climate.

Shawn is an unparalleled resource to the business leader in that he has the ability to listen and effectively introduce tools to enable lasting change and growth.
He is an astute change management facilitator and innovation coach. His passion to connect across multiple industries is an invaluable asset to the growth trajectory of modern day SME’s.
I’ve had the priviledge to work with Dr Cunningham on various complexity and innovation projects in which he challenged my thinking and approach to solutions.
Shawn takes a vested interest in the holistic social, organisational and financial health of an organisation and he asks questions that matter, questions aimed at facilitating forward movemenent, growth and innovation.

Shawn has a great understanding of the complexities SME’s face in a modern day economy. Hi highly recommend Shawn to the business leader that is serious about people, success, and innovation!”

Adrie el Mohamadi said:

“Shawn is an one of the best facilitators in the South African Manufacturing sector if you looking for participation, innovative methodologies and connecting the dots; his in depth knowledge of the South African Industry allows him to see linkages not easily seen by others. I would recommend him for any strategic or innovation process if you ready for the work to follow”